Happy holidays from all of us at Rockport Senior Living! We hope you are enjoying this special time of year and want to help you get the most out of this time with your elderly loved. As the Top Rated Local® Assisted Living Facility in Rocky River, we know the toll that dementia and other similar conditions can take on a family during the holidays. In our last post, we gave some tips for celebrating the holidays with your loved one who suffers from dementia. Today, we are providing some ways to celebrate with your loved one when they have to stay at their care facility.

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3 Ways to Celebrate With Your Loved One

Even though your loved one may not seem like themselves, seeing family can dramatically affect their happiness during the holiday seasons. Even those with Alzheimer’s who may not seem to recognize you, are affected positively when they have family visitors. When you can’t include your loved one at your family party, here are a few ways to bring Christmas to them.

Bring a Favorite Holiday Food to Share

Does your loved one have a favorite holiday food or treat? If possible, make that and bring it with you when you visit your loved one. They will not only love getting to enjoy their favorite food, but they will also appreciate the thought and the time spent sharing it with loved ones.

Do a Fun Activity

What does your loved one like to do for fun? Sometimes a simple holiday craft or time spent listening (and maybe even singing along) to Christmas music can be a holiday highlight. If you decide to do some holiday singing, you could invite your loved one’s friends to join in! If your loved one enjoys chatting, spend time in conversation or listening to their stories.

Enjoy a Favorite Christmas Story

Reading a Christmas poem or story out loud can also be a fun way to bring the Christmas spirit to your loved one. If other family members are accompanying you, you could even have them act out the story as you read it — have fun with it! A favorite Christmas movie can be a great option!

The most important thing to remember is that your loved one is simply happy to see you! For more tips, stay tuned for more blog posts and be sure to check out our website to learn about what Rockport Senior Living can offer you and your loved one.