Transitioning from an independent life at home to a long-term care facility can be an extremely difficult thing for your elderly loved one, your family, and yourself. There are many reasons it’s common to dread these conversations, but there are even more reasons to feel assured when you choose Rockport. Our facility is state-of-the-art, our staff is the best in Ohio, and our community of residents is strong and inviting. When it comes time to start thinking about options for care facilities, consider reaching out to us at Rockport Senior Living. We’d love to get your senior parent or special needs loved one set up with an independent living or assisted living service. Contact us today!

As we discussed in part one of our blog series, talking with your aging parent or elderly loved one about a necessary change in their level of care can be tense. One of the reasons these discussions are so difficult for them is because they might be fearing their loss of freedom. When you sense this fear cropping up in your loved one, remind them of all the things they’re still capable of doing. Another common cause of their anxiety might be due to a fear of the unknown. When you detect this unease under the surface, make sure that you remind them of the things that will not be changing. This will help them keep focused on the many positives that are accompanied by this change.

In today’s blog, part two of our series, we’ll look at two more reasons that your elderly parent or loved one might have a difficult time discussing the transition to a care facility. We’ll also discuss the many reasons that Rockport offers the perfect solution to your senior care dilemma. Continue reading to learn more about this vital decision in your family’s lives.

The Fear of “The End”

To many elderly folks and aging seniors, the idea that their bodies are slowly becoming less and less able is a scary reality to face. The discussion that they need more care might remind them that time is catching up with them. Many of us, regardless of age, seem to think of ourselves as forever young, and any indication that this isn’t the case, can be slightly upsetting. Remind your loved one that we’re all getting older and this change doesn’t have to be a bad or scary one. What’s more, with the right assisted living or independent living care facility, your loved one will actually be able to finally have the consistent help they’ve been in need of.

A Loss of Pride

Accepting help isn’t easy for some of us; we’re used to our independence and realizing that we can’t do what we once did with ease is difficult for us to navigate. As we get older, there can be a tendency to hold on to the tasks that we feel we can still perform, even if it’s obvious that we need help. We understand that this can make the idea of transitioning to a care facility extremely uninviting. However, the reminder of all the ways that your senior loved one or elderly parent will still maintain some independence is crucial.

We know how difficult it can be for your elderly loved one to move out of their Rocky River home and into a senior care facility, but putting yourself in their shoes will go a long way! Your understanding of how they’re feeling about this transition will help you sympathize and potentially, put to rest many of their fears and anxieties.

Contact the Best Senior Care Team

When it’s time to start thinking about the next level of senior care for your elderly loved one, consider reaching out to us at Rockport Senior Living. We’ve got independent living options, assisted living services, elder day care, memory care, and so much more! For a senior care facility that will make your loved one feel right at home, contact Rockport today!