Welcome back to the Rockport Senior Living blog! We are excited that the holidays are right around the corner and want to help you get the most out of your holiday season and the time you spend with your loved ones. Keep reading to learn more, and if your loved one is in need of assisted living services, memory care, and senior daycare, Rockport Senior Living offers what you need in Rocky River. Visit our website to learn more

4 Tips For Enjoying the Holidays With Your Loved One

If can be hard to know how to do during the holidays with a loved one who is affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Depending on the stage of the disease, you may feel awkward or unsure how to interact with your elderly loved one. You may be unsure how to celebrate the holidays without your loved one being fully themselves. You may even feel sad around the holidays because you know things may never be the same. There are still ways to connect with your loved one and to celebrate the holidays in a special way.    

Make New Traditions

Many of the holiday traditions that your family has enjoyed for years may still be a good activityfor your elderly loved one suffering from dementia. However, some traditions that include big crowds or a confusing environment, such as those group shopping outings won’t be a pleasant experience for your loved one. Embrace those old traditions that you have always enjoyed. However, for those that you should nix, substitute something new. New traditions could be watching a family movie together, listening to Christmas music by the fire, or taking a stroll outside to admire the neighborhood holiday lights.  

Give Useful Gifts

It is best to adjust the gifts that you plan to give to your loved one. For example, while a beautiful necklace may be a nice gift, it could also be dangerous. Often, safe, useful gifts can be better options. Gift ideas for your loved one with dementia include comfortable, warm clothing, photo albums, favorite foods, and similar gifts. If there are special services or upgrades available at their assisted living facility, consider gifting them an upgrade!  

Adjust Expectations

It can be hard for family members to see their elderly loved one change, and to know how to act as a result. If possible, before the holidays, have a family meeting or inform those who need to know, about the situation. Discuss such things as how it is best to interact with your loved one, how other family members can help care for them, and even give them gift ideas. For many families, working together to care for their aging parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle can not only bring them together, but help to eliminate the chance of one family member feeling overworked.

Create a Safe Space

Another element of the holidays that you must be mindful of is the environment of your loved one’s space. Having a large party may be how you’ve always celebrated the holidays. However, a loud atmosphere can be overwhelming and confusing for your loved one. Instead of holding a family celebration at night, consider doing a morning or midday celebration, but if you do choose an eventing event, be sure to keep your home well-lit. Eliminate tripping hazards, minimally lit rooms, and decorations that create a lot of noise.

There can be a lot of frustration and sadness when you see your loved one’s condition has changed. However, it is always best to focus on the positive and remember what the holidays are all about: bringing people together. If your loved one is need of extra care, check out Rocky River’s Top Rated Local® Assisted Living Facility at Rockport Senior Living!