At Rockport Senior Living in Rocky River, OH, we believe that everyone should we treated like family, and that’s exactly how we see our residents. We care for your loved ones with the same attention to detail and friendly awareness that we would give to our own parents and elderly relatives.

Here at Rockport, it seems that there’s always something going on. Whether we’re taking a group of our residents on a shopping trip, we’re holding one of our wellness classes, or we’re putting on a painting class or bingo game, we’re all about giving our many residents lots of amazing options for ways to socialize and stay productive! Check out our monthly calendar to learn all about the options for daily activities our residents have. If you’re interested in getting your elderly loved one or aging senior into Rockport for our independent living, assisted living, or any other program, contact us today!

How Does Assisted Living Differ From Independent Living?

At Rockport Senior Living, we believe that residents should be allowed the amount of freedom they’re able to maintain. For that reason, the folks in our independent living suites are allowed the liberties that they are accustomed to. The residents in our assisted living suites are offered a certain amount of independence, however, we understand that our presence might be required more and more for those individuals. All of our residents have access to around-the-clock medical care via our on-site nursing staff, an emergency response system, and regular well-being check-ins to ensure that everyone is thriving.

At Rockport, one of the reasons families choose us to offer a home to their elderly loved ones is because of the convenient longevity that we offer. An elderly resident who still has the ability to live in an independent living suite can start there, and when the time is right, transition to assisted living as it becomes more and more needed. Our facility allows your loved one to be able to make that transition without any hassle, frustration, or difficult change.

Why Assisted Living?

There are so many reasons to love our assisted living program at Rockport Senior Living. We provide the right balance of independence and assistance for your aging loved one. We can offer your senior room to breathe without our incessant attention, but your loved one is never ignored or under our radar. With all of the great things that our assisted living community offers, why not choose it for your elderly parent’s next home? Let’s take a closer look at what makes our facilities different from the average assisted living situation.

Regular Meals Provided

When your loved one becomes a resident at our facility here in Rocky River, they are provided with three square meals per day at our delicious and spacious cafeteria. With a full and nutritious continental breakfast, a chef-prepared lunch, and full-service dinner, your senior will have access to great tasting food that’s also balanced and nutritious.

Weekly Housekeeping and Laundry

We understand that at a certain point, household chores like cleaning and laundry become all but impossible for our residents. For that reason, we’re happy to offer weekly services so that your loved one can enjoy a clean home and well-laundered wardrobe.

Regular Well-Being Checks

Sometimes knowing that someone is there makes all the difference in the world. When your elderly loved one was living at home, you no doubt, faced constant feelings of worry and anxiety, hoping that nothing was wrong. With all of our residents in assisted care, we offer four daily check-ins to make sure that everyone is doing well.

Nursing Staff On-Site All Day and On-Call 24/7

Knowing that your elderly loved one has access to 24/7 nursing care can be the difference between worry and peace-of-mind for you. If your aging parent requires regular nursing visits for chronic illnesses or medications, you can rest assured that they’re getting the right kind of care at the optimal time. Trust Rockport Senior Living with the health and well-being of your elderly loved one!

Daily Activities, Weekly Excursions, and Scheduled Transportation

Our assisted living residents will never have to feel boredom and a frustrating lack of activities and social hours. We strive to ensure that our calendar stays full so that our residents have options for games, exercise, enrichment activities, scheduled trips, and so much more.

It can be a really tough call to make to have your elderly parent moved to a care facility, even one as amazing as Rockport. But making sure that your loved one is properly cared for and attended to makes that awkward conversation and frustrating transition completely worth it. The great thing about assisted living is that your aging parent is given the right amount of care that meets their needs. We strive to provide personalized and individualized care to all of our residents because we know that every situation is different.

Choose Rockport!

Make sure that you choose the best senior care facility in Ohio, Rockport Senior Living! We offer independent living, assisted living, memory care, respite care, elder daycare, and so much more! Contact us today to learn more about our suites, our prices, our calendar of activities, or to sign your elderly loved one up for care. Putting someone you love into a care facility is never easy, but Rockport is here to help that transition however we can!