Welcome back to the Rockport Senior Living blog! Today, we are going to be sharing seven surprising facts about Alzheimer’s. As much as many are familiar with the general symptoms of this disease, there is still a lot that the general public doesn’t know. Read today’s post to learn more and if you have a loved one that you think might have Alzheimer’s, talk to one of the professional care providers about our memory care center in Rocky River.

Newly Discovered

Alzheimer’s was discovered fairly recently. In 1906, Dr. Alois Alzheimer noticed abnormal brain tissue in a woman that he was treating who seemed to have died from a mysterious disease. After time studying Dr. Alzheimer discovered the disease that affects over 5.5 million Americans.

Early Onset is Genetic

Early onset of Alzheimer’s is due to a person’s genetics. There are three genetic mutations that are responsible for Alzheimer’s. A person can inherit one, two, or all three mutations. According to one article, 5 percent of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s has these mutations.

Sleep Deprivation Can Up Your Chances

Getting enough sleep won’t just help you avoid the grumpies. Sleep is one of the primary agents for avoiding disease. When you don’t get the sleep you need a “memory-robbing” protein, is allowed to build up in your brain. This protein has long-term effects and can trigger Alzheimer’s.

More Education Can Lower Your Chances

Investing in your education can actually lower your chances of Alzheimer’s. Why? Education and similar activities promote greater connections in the brain. More connections in the brain can greatly lower your risk of Alzheimer’s.  

Those With Down Syndrome Are At A High Risk

Unfortunately, people who have Down syndrome are very likely to develop Alzheimer’s. The extra chromosome 21 that those with Down syndrome have, causes more of the “memory-robbing” protein to be produced, thus upping the risk for this disease.  

Depression Can Be A Sign Of Alzheimer’s

Depression can be a sign of Alzheimer’s. Those with Alzheimer’s suffering from depression will usually also have trouble remembering names, events, or recent conversations.

Symptoms Can Be Caused By Something Else

Just because your loved one may exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer’s, doesn’t mean that they definitely have it. Issues such as depression, thyroid problems, medication side-effects, and delirium, as well as excessive alcohol, are conditions that mimic the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

If you think that your loved one may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, take them to a medical professional. It is crucial for their care and quality of life that they get an early diagnosis.

Does Your Loved One Need Memory Care?

Is your loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s? The medical professionals at Rockport Senior Living can provide the care your loved one needs to slow the progression of this disease and to give them the best quality of life possible. To learn more about the memory care that we offer in Rocky River, visit our website.