Welcome to our blog page here at Rockport Senior Living in Rocky River, OH! Though our building and facilities have changed and modernized over the years, our passion has always been to serve this community. We’re proud to provide Ohio seniors with an amazing independent living facility, assisting living, memory care, respite care, and elder daycare. No matter what kind of care you’re needing for your elderly family member, Rockport would love to talk with you about your many options here! Contact us today to learn about our services, tour our facilities, or for anything else.

It can be tough to have that tough conversation with your aging loved one; the conversation that must end with a decision on the next steps of care for your elderly parent or relative. This can create a lot of tension but if an independent living facility would be a good fit, it doesn’t have to. When you explain to your aging senior that they aren’t going to a “nursing home,” but will be able to retain their much-loved independence, this could be a huge game-changer. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at why independent living situations are hugely successful for elderly folks for whom they’re an ideal fit.

What is Independent Living?

We understand that when one doesn’t work in the senior health and wellness field, the idea of independent living might not be self-explanatory. Unlike assisted living, in which residents of a care facility receive regular care that can include hygiene help, cleaning, and meal preparation, independent living is for those elderly individuals who are able to get by on their own but enjoy having access to help if it’s needed.

All That Independent Living Can Offer

Independent living communities can provide meals, daily check-ins, weekly housekeeping, laundry service, medical checks, transportation, and so much more! When it comes to independent living, what’s not to love? Let’s take a closer look at some of the amazing amenities and services available for those who are a part of an independent living community!

Private Suites With Private Bathrooms

When your loved one can enjoy the privacy of a studio suite or a one-bedroom suite, their living situation might feel a lit less like an independent living facility, and a little bit more like an apartment or house. And since many residents desire to hold on to the ability to perform their own cleaning and household chores, our independent living suites offer them that freedom.

Meals Available in a Spacious Dining Room

Though each of our suites has a kitchenette, we offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day in our amazing dining room. With a full-time kitchen staff, we take our residents’ nutrition extremely seriously and we strive to ensure that every meal is nutritious, filling, and great-tasting.

Nursing Staff On-Call 24/7

The difference between your elderly loved one being on their own and living in an independent care facility is that he/she has access to 24/7 nursing care. Given that your elderly parent or relative is able to live on their own means that they probably won’t need medical care, but isn’t it such a load off of your mind to know that it’s available in the event that something does happen?

Scheduled Transportation For Shopping and Other Excursions

What better way to help your aging senior feel like they’re not confined to a facility or room than by giving them the opportunity to get out and about every now and then? When your elderly loved one is a part of the right independent living facility, they’ll be able to get out and take a shopping trip or do something else to enjoy the fullness of their independence.

Being able to offer your senior the closest thing to life on their own that you can is something that we know is important to you. For that reason, we believe that for the right elderly individual, an independent living facility can offer the right amount of freedom and liberty! There’s no need for your aging loved one to feel scared, worried, or fearful when they’re next step is independent living. They might even feel like they’re on vacation!

Choose the Best Facility for Your Loved One!

When you choose an independent living facility for your elderly parent at Rockport Senior Living, you’re signing them up for success from day one! In addition to the many amenities listed above, our independent living communities also offer daily well-being check-ins, weekly housekeeping and laundry, wellness programs, daily activities, on-site beauty salon, chapel and faith services, and so much more! Interested in getting your elderly loved one set up with a suite at our independent living facility? Contact Rockport today to get the ball rolling on the easiest transition you could have ever imagined.