Welcome back to our Rockport Senior Living blog page! Since quality senior care is what we do, we’re used to talking to families about how difficult the transition from home to a facility can be for some elderly people. Folks often consider this the “dreaded conversation;” it’s never simple to discuss next steps of care with your aging loved one. Maybe your elderly parent has fallen multiple times and you’re realizing that it’s no longer safe for them to live alone in their Rocky River home. It could also be that your senior parent or loved one is showing signs of dementia or memory loss and you worry about how they can live independently. It is time for you to think about independent living or assisted living.

Whether you need to have the first tough conversation or you’ve already had similar versions of the same discussion over the years, telling your senior loved one or elderly parent that a change in their lifestyle is necessary is an extremely difficult conversation to have. There are many reasons for this necessary change, and even the discussion leading up to it would be difficult for anybody. Let’s continue to look at some of the reasons why the idea of transitioning to a care facility might be met with fear and anxiety.

The Fear of the Loss of Freedom

One factor to consider when you’re contemplating this transition with your loved one is that this talk might bring about some deep-seated fear and anxiety; this topic could cause them to fear a loss of their much-enjoyed freedoms. Whether this means driving privileges, free use of the kitchen, and even the ability to tackle mundane chores like mowing the grass, the idea of no longer being permitted or able to perform menial, everyday tasks can be an incredibly tough pill to swallow.

Regardless of age, it can be difficult for anyone to admit that they are no longer able to do normal things that they’ve always done with ease, and asking for help is very much out of the question. When you find that you’re dealing with this particular kind of tension, remind your loved one of the tasks that they are still able to perform, whether those things are big or small. A reminder that your elderly loved one isn’t helpless, but just needs a little assistance, might go a long way.

The Fear of the Unknown

When your elderly parent or loved one is embarking on a new and foreign journey from their comfortable life in their Rocky River home to an independent living or assisted living facility, there can be a lot of fear associated with the “unknown.” Questions and uncertainties might plague your loved one; they might be wondering if they can handle this change, if they’ll completely lose their dignity, or they might even be fearing that this is one step closer to “the end.”

When you find that this transition is accompanied by fear and anxiety, remind your loved one how much their lives might improve with a little bit of assistance. Our Rocky River senior care facilities are able to offer your senior loved one as much or as little independence as what’s needed.

No matter how close you are with your aging parent or loved one, reminding them that they’re needing some help can be a very tense and uncomfortable conversation for you as well as for them. But there is a great future for your family with the help of Rockport Senior Living!

Join us next time for part two of our blog series! In the meantime, check out our many senior and elderly services on our website. We’ve got independent living options, assisted living rooms, elder day care services, and so much more! Contact us today to discuss the next level of care for your loved one!