1. It’s Time to Set Your New Year’s Resolution

    Welcome back to the Rockport Senior Living blog! We are excited about the new year. The new year is one of the best times to take a moment to reflect on the last year and to decide what’s working for you and what needs to stay in the past. In the spirit of the new year, we are giving you three new…Read More

  2. Bring Christmas to Your Elderly Loved One

    Happy holidays from all of us at Rockport Senior Living! We hope you are enjoying this special time of year and want to help you get the most out of this time with your elderly loved. As the Top Rated Local® Assisted Living Facility in Rocky River, we know the toll that dementia and other similar c…Read More

  3. The Holiday Season & Dementia: What You Should Know

    Welcome back to the Rockport Senior Living blog! We are excited that the holidays are right around the corner and want to help you get the most out of your holiday season and the time you spend with your loved ones. Keep reading to learn more, and if your loved one is in need of assisted living serv…Read More

  4. How Important is Heart Health? Pt 2

    Here at Rockport Senior Living in Rocky River, we make caring for your elderly loved one so much more than our business — elderly care is our passion. We do what we do to help you and your family enjoy a better quality of life. By providing the best senior care in Ohio, we offer our elderly patien…Read More

  5. Navigating the Transition to a Senior Care Facility, Pt 2

    Transitioning from an independent life at home to a long-term care facility can be an extremely difficult thing for your elderly loved one, your family, and yourself. There are many reasons it’s common to dread these conversations, but there are even more reasons to feel assured when you choose Ro…Read More

  6. When Assisted Living is the Best Living

    At Rockport Senior Living in Rocky River, OH, we believe that everyone should we treated like family, and that’s exactly how we see our residents. We care for your loved ones with the same attention to detail and friendly awareness that we would give to our own parents and elderly relatives. Here …Read More